INTERTROPICO is a company dedicated to import food, formed by a team of professionals focused on improving the quality of life of Iberian-American people; with more than 15 years of experience in the maintenance of the culture heritage of Latin American culinary and social and cultural remittances for European host communities.

For all this, we have a warehouse and offices, located in industrial central area, close to the Madrid city, with highly qualified, motivated and committed staff. We have our own transportation system to distribute our products, the company has the latest technology and is respectful with the environment and develop social projects in the south west of Colombia and in the downtown area of Paraguay, we also make donations to NGOs.

INTERTROPICO is an established company, which engaged in import, representation, marketing and sale of Latin American food, utensils to drink mate herb, typical kitchenware from North, Central and South America countries, among the most important, we highlight the following countries: Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Honduras, Dominican Republic and the United States.


Wherever there is an Iberian-American, INTERTOPICO bring our products to your table.


We develop our Corporate Social Responsibility, through projects like ongoing training farmers in province of Cauca in the south west region of Colombia and in the central area of Paraguay.

We provide excellent service to our internal and external customers, achieving a permanent satisfaction.

With our Market Research Department, New Product Development and Innovation of existing products, we seek to keep our roots, and bringing a new concept that allows us to maintain our traditions with an added value in all our creations.

We work continuously to improve our process.

The SLOGAN of our staff:

¡With commitment and union INTERTROPICO the best election! Join together for the Triumph.

Overall our intention is to keep our roots, traditions, culture and culinary heritage, also to integrate, transfer and spread these values to the new culture that welcomes us, given the benefits healthy properties of our products.