The Latino community can find specific products from their countries of origin such us plantain leaves to wrapping up the tamales, an herb called guasca for cook one of the famous and traditional Bogota dish called ajiaco (thick chicken soup). Borojo fruit and chontaduro fruit, these are fruits which are highly valued for their aphrodisiac properties. Artisanal hand-crack grain mill you can grind fresh meat or grinding freshly flour corn to make arepas (kind of bread). Components to matting (drink some matte) like a guampa (a cup), drinking-glass, bombilla (a straw made of metal) and thermos which keep your drinks hot or cold.

In addition, you can find a wide range of traditional herbs, herbs for flavoring, and medicinal herbs with more than 35 different references from countries like Argentine, Uruguay and Paraguay among the medicinal herbs the ones with the most outstanding properties are the following:

AliviaTe for those feminine days
TiloTe stress relief
BronquioTe useful for treating colds and flus
EnergízaTe to improve your regular performance in a natural way
BurritoTe to treat stomach diseases
CedronTe to prevent heart disease
ColesTe to eliminate the bad cholesterol
DulceTe which is the Natural Stevia to sweeten any liquid
RelaxTe used as a natural tranquilizer

Peruvian food

Taking advantage of the boom in Peruvian food and cuisine, you can find a full range of sauces and dressings to prepare the most representative Inca dishes, like Tari sauce, huancaina, rocot (pepper) aji de gallina (chili pepper), alluquito (root vegetable), ceviche etc., as well as the most delightful desserts of lucuma and chocolate, from brands like Doña Pepa, Sublime, etc.


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