We have among our outstanding products:

Coconut cream from Colombia’s Caribbean coast with which you can prepare sauces elaborate fish, seafood dishes, or rice dishes.

We have bags of fried coconut of 50 grams delicious as snacks and desserts.

Flour yellow corn, ideal to cook “arepas paisas” (flatbread)

Vienna sausages “Salchichas Avila” are a nice snack.

Sauces “AlaCena” yellow pepper and rocoto (hot pepper) to accompany a variety of typical Peruvian dishes like potato to the Huancaína and fish dishes.

We also have algarrobina-the well-known fruit from the Algarrobo tree- which is used in the preparation of sauces and cocktails.

A wide range of Mexican products, from the brand “La Costeña”, among which stand spicy salsas, guacamole, spicy red beans ready to serve as side dish rice and the typical white corn tortilla.

We have from Brazil a selection of manioc flour, starches, farofas (toasted manioc flour) and extracts of tropical juices such as guava, mango and guanabana.

In the range of frozen products you will find:

Whole fruits like lulo (Subtropical fruit), tamarillo (also known as the tree tomato), blackberry;

Chopped fruits or mota (seedless pulp) as soursop, passion fruit seed;

And tropical fruit pulp as  soursop,  sweet guava, sours guava, mango, passion fruit, lulo, tree tomato, blackberry

We have as well another frozen group products as yellow potato (papa criolla), Colombian Soup (sancocho colombiano),  thick chicken soup (ajiaco santafereño), hot pepper (rocoto ), yellow peppers, chopped corn, corn kernels, whole corn and leaves for tamal (traditional Mesoamerican dish)

In line with the beneficial natural herbs for health, we highlight

AliviaTe for those feminine days
TiloTe stress relief
BronquioTe useful for treating colds and flus
EnergízaTe to improve your regular performance in a natural way
BurritoTe to treat stomach diseases
CedronTe to prevent heart disease
ColesTe to eliminate the bad cholesterol
DulceTe which is the Natural Stevia to sweeten any liquid
RelaxTe used as a natural tranquilizer

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