In INTERTROPICO we develop more than a hundred own references, highlighting the line of artisanal products , such as cheese, jelly, corn arepas (flatbread) , tortillas from Central America , corn cooked hominy, coconut candies, alfajors (sweet), milk sweets , peanuts , medicinal herbs, and coffee from Colombia.

We also have a wide range of products BRAND INTERTROPICO made in its different original countries such as Paraguay, Colombia Peru, Ecuador and Central America.

America. In turn we have a line of exclusive products made in Spain, with all health regulations and European legislation on labeling, where we can highlight the following:

Powdered milk “Vaquita” (Ecuador), Talcum Powder for Feet “MexÁvila“ (Colombia), chocolate cake “Torta recubierta de chocolate” (Colombia), sweet of milk “Arequipe – Dulce de Leche” (Colombia) and sausages “Salchichas Avila” (Colombia).

In 2014 we increased a new line of nuts where we highlight the following products : Peanut (groundnut) and raisins mix, popcorn or corn pile, roasted peanuts, raw whole peanuts, roasted broad beans, grated coconut, raisins seedless, we bring with this food the family satisfaction and response to the market demands, both Latin and Spanish consumers.